This is My PeopleWorx

The essence of PeopleWorx is our flexible, holistic approach to service delivery – we are different things to many
different people. “This is MY PeopleWorx” is a celebration of the successes of people we serve. We hope these
testimonials will inspire you to connect with us to discover YOUR PeopleWorx and opportunity for more.

The success of PeopleWorx clients is due in large part to our many, valued community partners, and our funder –
the province of Nova Scotia. Together, we make our Annapolis Valley community stronger and more resilient.

Our heartfelt thanks go to those who have shared their stories, and who stand as living proof that with support,
encouragement, and determination they can achieve anything.

Judy worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) for 25 years until a heart
attack ended her career. Following her recovery, depression and self-doubt
kept her from stepping out of her comfort zone to try anything new.
Attending the Annapolis Valley Work Centre not only helped her regain her
self-esteem, but also gave her the courage to put herself back out into the
world and to do things she’d never dreamed of…like driving from
Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia for a medical appointment! Way to go Judy!

Stephanie worked in a local production facility for 15 years. When the plant
was closed, she was left without a plan for her future. She came to
PeopleWorx hoping to find at least a new job. What she found was a new
perspective about who she is and her life going forward. Listen as she talks
about her experience in the Annapolis Valley Work Centre program, where
participating in Personal Development (PD) classes gave her courage,
self-confidence and a positive outlook to go along with them.

Angela has over 25 years’ experience working in retail, and had spent the
last 8 years working for a financial institution until her position was
eliminated. She felt the timing was right for a change of pace, and set out
to obtain a job in an office environment. During her job search, she realized
she would need to fill gaps in her skill set in order to work in the
administrative field. She learned about the Annapolis Valley Work Centre
program, and enrolled in Basic Office Skills.

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