Annapolis Valley Work Centre


The Annapolis Valley Work Centre exists to provide you with:

  • Job Skills – the tools and skills needed to gain employment
  • Confidence – to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed
  • Opportunity to secure employment – teach you how to look for and successfully gain employment

If this appeals to you, then keep reading to learn how to choose your vocational option (Customer Service, Food Service, Basic Office Skills, Introduction to Construction/Shop) and how to sign up for the program…


The Annapolis Valley Work Centre is a program designed to provide you with training in all the skills needed to be a capable and effective employee.  This is made possible through your commitment and willingness to learn, along with our expert facilitators and supportive learning environment. 


The Annapolis Valley Work Centre is for YOU, if you are looking for work and are 16 years of age or older. It is a work-readiness program; which, put simply, means that every part of the training we provide is to get you ready to get a job and keep it! 


  • Certified workshops including WHMIS, First Aid, Safe Food Handling, Nova Scotia Best, MANDT, Personality Dimensions, Bully Free Workplace, and Career Cruising are available to you if applicable.
  • Free food (i.e. granola bars, fruit, yogurt, muffins) and coffee are available all day.
  • Hot meal offered for $3.00 during lunch break.
  • Friendly, supportive, professional staff.
  • FREE – there is no cost associated with attending the program.
  • PLUS – Allowance of $7.50 per day to help with personal costs associated with attending the program (i.e. travel, food).

Here is how it all works:

The program consists of an initial 4-week period called Mod 1.  At the end of this period, you and your staff team will have the opportunity to do an employability skills assessment called ESAT.  After this assessment is completed you and your staff team will determine your next steps.  Some participants may only attend the Mod 1 period for an intensive learning experience before pursuing paid work, (Some actually find a job before this period is over and that is OK too.) completing a volunteer job placement, or exploring other options suited to their individual needs. Others may benefit from extending their job-readiness training and will stay with us for our Mod 2 program (before pursuing paid work or an optional volunteer job placement.  At all times, during the program, we will be helping you find your dream job!

Training takes place on site at the PeopleWorx building in Coldbrook. The program runs 9:15am-3:45pm, Monday through Thursday and 9:15am-11:45am, Friday. We also offer flexibility on a case by case basis.

See draft schedule below and the descriptions of the classes you would participate in prior to pursuing job placement or seeking paid work, which can happen at any point during the program. 

If you’re interested, the first thing to do is call or email the Manager of the program, Vickie Petrie, at 902-679-7592, or You will receive an application referral form to fill out and send back to us, after which you will be contacted to determine a start date and connect with one of our Nova Scotia Works career practitioners to support you during and after the program.

Here is a table that describes the schedule for most days…

Mod 1    9:15 am – 12:10 pmEssential Skills and Personal Development Workshops
12:10 pm – 12:55 pmLunch
 12:55 pm – 3:45 pmVocational Area:
  • Basic Office Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Food Services
  • Introduction to Construction/Shop
In-House Program (Mod 2)9:15 am – 12:10 pmVocational Area:
  • Basic Office Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Food Services
  • Introduction to Construction/Shop
12:10 pm – 12:55 pmLunch
 12:55 pm – 3:45 pmEssential Skills and Personal Development Job Development
Community Job Placement
Monday – Thursday Job Placement
Wednesday 9:15Job Search/Job Maintenance Class
Friday 9:15 – 11:45 amJob Development Class

*choose one of the 4 following Vocational Areas to focus on while in the program

Basic Office Skills

The Basic Office Skills program provides participants with hands-on experience to gain many different basic level skills required in today’s office environment. An individual program is established for each learner based on their needs and goals.  Program materials offered include:  Personal presentation; Office etiquette and privacy regulations; Safe and proper use of office equipment (i.e. Photocopier, Fax machine, Binding machine, Laminator); Keyboarding / Typing; Filing; Proofreading; Checking Account / Basic bookkeeping; Computer skills (i.e. Introduction to computers, Internet, Email, Windows 10, MS Office 2016 Introductory – focus on MS Office Word).

Customer Service

The Customer Service Program focuses on gaining competitive employability skills to match current workplace expectations. This program builds a foundation for recognizing and building appropriate interpersonal skills needed to positively interact with customers, co-workers, and managers. Students participate in hands-on training which involves sorting donated items by category, size, etc. and displaying in our Grab N’ Go retail setting.  Other hands-on activities are working canteen shifts where use of cash register, money, and customer service skills are utilized. Curriculum offered is based on customer service scenarios and developing strategies to effectively practice problem solving techniques to ensure positive outcomes.

Food Services

The Food Services Program provides instruction toward entry-level employment.  Your training will include customer service, hygiene, and occupational safety. Food preparation will include baking, cooking, and the proper use of knives and equipment. The Level 1 Safe Food Handling Course will be offered to all food service participants. The training requires initiative, imagination and creativity from its participants to be successful. The individuals should be in good health as this is a physically demanding career choice.  You can expect a positive experience that will prepare you for work in the food sectors of the tourism industry.

Introduction to Construction/Shop

Participants are encouraged to work in a team within a workshop setting.  Participants will learn measuring skills, the proper and safe usage of hand and power tools, how to plan and manage small projects while working on meaningful projects.   Some tasks are repetitive while others may be a one off.  These tasks are designed to complement a construction environment or prepare participants for further education in the trades. The shop program is a great stepping stone for individuals looking to move forward into the field of construction.

You will also participate in the following classes in addition to your chosen vocational area:

Essential Skills (ES)

Participants in the Essential Skills class will develop an ILP (Individualized Learning Plan) based on initial assessments, participant goals, and staff input. Adult learning in Essential Skills is self-paced and incorporates an integrated approach which utilizes material focussing on the nine essential skills; oral communication, continuous learning, writing, thinking, document use, working with others, reading, digital technology, and numeracy. A wide range of instructional methods are available to accommodate various learning styles and to meet your own individual employment goals.

Job Development (JD) and Job Placement

You will participate in regular job development workshops and classes.  Such classroom topics covered include: Resume and cover letter writing; Effective job search; Exploration of the hidden job market; Networking; Skills identification; Dealing with complex situations in the workplace; Interviewing skills; Research/Labour market information; Self-directed search; establishing Holland themes; Mentoring and peer support activities. Participants will begin practicing newly developed skills in a real working environment.

Personal Development (PD)

PD classes offers self-exploration of our unique characteristics and how this insight can help us increase our own self-awareness, as well as enhance our ability to effectively work with others.  Personal Development class offers the opportunity to improve soft skills, also known as Employability Skills, which are essential for maintaining healthy relationships in work as well as healthy work practices.  The Personal Development facilitators also offer opportunity for individual coaching and support. Topics explored include: Accountability, Confidence, Attitude, Motivation, Presentation, Teamwork, Time Management, Adaptability, Stress Management, Communication, Decision Making, Work Life Balance, The Art of Making Mistakes and Learning Differences.  Personal Development offers a space in which participants gain confidence and are better able to self-regulate and handle challenge with greater self-assurance.


  1. What is the admissions process?
    First, you will have a conversation with the Work Centre Manager, Vickie Petrie, to determine if the program is a good fit for you and choose your vocational area. There is some paperwork to complete at the start of the Mod 1  period, and we can assist if paperwork is not your strong suit. We will also connect you with your preferred Nova Scotia Works location to work with a Career Practitioner for the duration of and after you have completed our program. After the Mod 1 period, we will recommend that individuals either seek paid work, a job placement that will hopefully lead to paid work, be referred to another program, or continue at the Work Centre with the full In-House Program. Depending on your start date in Mod 1 and number of participants entering the In-House Program, there may be break in attendance after your Mod 1 before returning to the Work Centre.
  2. What does the Mod 1 look like?
    Over the 4-week Mod 1 period, Annapolis Valley Work Centre staff will observe and provide feedback to participants and their referring agencies (if applicable because remember you can self-refer) on their employability and job-readiness. This also involves a self-assessment for participants to reflect on how they demonstrate specific employability skills. In a progress review meeting in week 4, staff and participants discuss what the best next step would be for the individual.
  3. Does the program cost anything?
    No, the program is free to attend. PLUS, you will receive an expense stipend of $7.50 for every full day that you attend to help cover the cost of transportation, food, etc.
  4. Can I self-refer?
    Yes, we accept referrals from individuals and support agencies both. To request a referral form, email the work centre manager Vickie,
  5. Can I get there on the bus?
    Yes, Kings Transit busses drops off participants at the beginning of the day and picks them up at the end of the day right at the end of the PeopleWorx building driveway. Any other time of day, the bus stops a very short walk down the road on the #1 Highway.
  6. Is the building wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, our building is fully wheelchair accessible.
  7. Is it accredited?
    No, the Annapolis Valley Work Centre is a job-readiness program, not a school or training institution.
  8. Will you help me with my resume?
    Yes; throughout the program we will provide workshops, classes, and practical time to work on resume writing and job preparation.
  9. Can I apply for work while I’m in the program?
    Yes definitely; anytime you are ready, willing, and able to apply for work, we encourage you to do so!
  10. Can I receive EI while attending?
    Yes, because we are a job-readiness program and not a school/training program you can continue to receive EI while attending. EI will not be extended because you are in the program, however, so we will help you find work when it runs out. You cannot quit a job to attend and then expect to get EI.
  11. Can I work and attend the program at the same time?
    Yes, our program is flexible to some extent. Let us know your schedule and we will work around it so you can still participate in the program as much as possible.
  12. Can I do only part of the program or attend half days?
    This can be discussed when you speak to the manager, and is decided on a case by case basis based upon skillset, etc.
  13. I am a Newcomer to Canada/Nova Scotia, can I attend?
    Yes! As long as you are legally able to work in Canada, you are welcome. We unfortunately only have the capacity to provide our program in English, so basic understanding of the English language is necessary to be able to participate.
  14. Can I start immediately?
    We have a new intake begin every 4 weeks, so a new start date is always right around the corner!
  15. How many hours per week?
    The total number of hours in the program is 28.5 per week. This includes Monday – Thursday from 9:15am-3:45pm, and Fridays from 9:15am-11:45am.
  16. Do you provide childcare?
    No, we do not have child care on site.
  17. I don’t need your program, I just need help finding work?
    Please contact Nova Scotia Works, another program delivered by PeopleWorx located in Coldbrook, Middleton and Annapolis Royal. You can email or call Sandra Martin: or 902-679-7460 for information on this program.
  18. I’m interested in the CCA program?
    The CCA program is a separate program from the Annapolis Valley Work Centre, also delivered by PeopleWorx. Please contact Kim Aker, for more information!