Annapolis Valley Work Centre

We call it “the Work Centre” and it’s one of our most
beloved programs.

The Annapolis Valley Work Centre is a 27-week
program that will:

  • Help you understand yourself and other people better than you ever thought possible
  • Support you to build confidence in yourself and your ability to contribute to your community
  • Surround you with a supportive community of positive, hard-working people
  • Give you the practical and inter-personal skills to help you be successful in the workplace
  • Give you 9 weeks of on-the-job experience with a local employer
  • Provide specialized training in one of four areas:
    • Woodwork & Construction
    • Basic Office Skills
    • Retail & Customer Service
    • Food Service

Our program is free. You will receive up to $8 a day to cover your costs in traveling to our location in Coldbrook. We offer a free breakfast. Lunch and snacks are available for a reasonable price.

We also offer showers and free laundry machines for you to use while you’re in the program.

Who it’s for

The Annapolis Valley Work Centre is open to anyone who is 18 and over, or who will reach their 18th birthday during the program.

You need to apply to the program by talking to our staff and filling out some paperwork. If paperwork isn’t your strong point, don’t worry! Our staff is here to help you with the application process.

What to do next

If you think you want to learn more about the Annapolis Valley Work Centre, please call us to sign up for an information Session. They take place every second Wednesday. Click here to see an upcoming schedule.